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ATM2022 – Animal Training Methods

ATM2022 – Animal Training Methods

The aim of the conference is to present the biological principles and mechanisms of training companion, farm and wild animals. Foreign guests will present fresh knowledge on the subject. Our mission is to dispel the myths that still persist in many publications and to present the basic methods and training techniques that are universal for many species.

The conference is organized for animal behavior enthusiasts, ethologists, but first of all, for behaviorists and zoopsychologists, trainers, veterinarians, zootechnicians and others who want to expand their skills.

The conference will feature innovative methods of training, bringing you closer to new ways of working with animals and scientific evaluation of their effectiveness. Riders, instructors, trainers, dog owners or behaviorists will find the scientific basis for their activities and researchers will be able to explore the practical application and considerations of the discussed methods. The conference will also touch on the ethical aspects of working with animals, with an emphasis on well-being during training.

We encourage delegates from all geographic regions working in all behaviour disciplines and training to take an active part in this comprehensive conference. We are delighted to invite you to Poland to share your recent developments in behaviour research and animal training.


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